Welcome to the Nutrition Care for Diabetes module. This module will cover the four steps of the Nutrition Care Process (Assess, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate) for patients and clients living with diabetes. Please follow along with the case study for Penelope in the coloured boxes to practice. There are also interactive activities throughout the module to check your learning.


A glucometer, lancet device, and various medications are displayed next to beads that spell "Diabetes"
Oral medication adherence and monitoring blood sugars with a glucometer may be part of your client’s diabetes management plan. Photo by Nataliya Voitkevich on Pexels

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify where to gather clinical, anthropometric, biochemical, and dietary data necessary to complete a nutrition assessment for a client living with diabetes.
  2. Interpret biochemical values and diagnostic test values, including OGTT, FBG, A1C, random BG, TC, HDL, LDL, TG, ACR, serum Cr, and eGFR.
  3. Analyze the 8 areas of nutrition concern (hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, medication and insulin, carbohydrate intake, macronutrient distribution, meal timing, cholesterol, physical activity) in clients living with diabetes and form PES statements for each.
  4. Determine likely causes for hypo- and hyperglycemia and recommend methods to treat and prevent each through medication and insulin adjustments, diet, and/or physical activity.
  5. Recognize strategies, such as Carb Counting and the Plate Method, to maintain optimal blood sugar control through dietary changes.
  6. Identify strategies to lower LDL cholesterol for clients living with diabetes.
  7. Understand the roles of 6 members of the diabetes interdisciplinary team, including the endocrinologist, physician, nurse practitioner, diabetes nurse educator, social worker, physiotherapist, and chiropodist.
  8. Recognize effective strategies, such as Motivational Interviewing and SMART goal setting, to provide education and support behaviour change in those living with diabetes.
  9. Evaluate the nutrition care plan using assessment data relevant to the client’s nutrition concerns.


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