Module 3: Anti-Black Racism


Welcome to Module 3: Anti-Black Racism

This module introduces the learners to key concepts related to anti-Black racism and their inter-relationship with racism, self-advocacy, and allyship. These are not abstractions; they are part of the lived experience of the person who identify as Black (African descent or origin, African Black Caribbean, African-Canadian, Canadians of African descent) and are central to public discourses and social movements that challenge barriers to living, access to learning, employment and, more broadly, what it means to be human. Anti-Black racism within the Canadian context is not new; it has existed for over a century and continues to covertly and overtly permeate within all aspects of society, affecting people’s livelihoods. It exists within individuals’ day-to-day interactions, laws and policies, and societal institutions.

The purpose of this module is to encourage learners to deepen their reflections on the experience and impact of Anti- Black racism. As well as introduce some concepts and theories that underpin anti-Black racism within the context of society, with a focus on the workplace environment. You will explore root causes, real impacts, and practical ways that you can responsibly take action to combat racism and discrimination, while also identifying opportunities for allyship.

Note: this module is not exhaustive learning material. The needs and issues within the community differ amongst the identities and are complex. This short module does not have the entire scope to address all of them. However, it is the first few steps to an ongoing journey, as it is a source that will provide relevant resources and knowledge with a focus on the context of employment. It is important to continue the unlearning and learning of damaging discourses that perpetuate the marginalization of people who belong to or have intersected identities within the Black community.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Identify anti-Black racism in the workplace, including microaggressions and tokenism.
  2. Describe the key emotional and behavioural impacts that workplace discrimination has on the Black community.
  3. Recognize the tools and critical considerations needed to dismantle anti-Black racism in your work and learning environments as a non-Black student or employee.
  4. Identify practical strategies to advocate for yourself as a Black student or employee.

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