Project Contributors

The development of this resource was as result of a collaborative effort by students, educators, staff and community partners. Importantly, students played an integral role through out all stages from consultation and development, content planning and writing, to reviewing and testing. It was important that there was broad representation from varied participants who brought individual experiences and knowledge to inform the development of this resource. We thank everyone for contributing both their lived experience and their subject matter expertise to the building of this resource.

Project Lead: Anita Abraham

Project Team: Anamika Baijnath, Nikki Waheed, Deneille Walters, Kate Tutu, Alicia Beggs-Holder, Vishal Garg, Sally Goldberg Powell, Mariam Ahmed, Jessica Gianfrancesco, Jasmine Cherian and Anita Abraham

Primary Authors: Kate Tutu, Mona Ghali, Jean-Pierre Fernandes, Anamika Baijnath, Nikki Waheed and Deneille Walters

Cover Art by: Tzu-Ting (Tina) Huang

Content Contributors and Reviewers: Crystal Marks, Heather Willis, Marcia Glasgow, Farah Khan, Tamara Sylvester, Grace-Camille Munroe, Amy Dejarlais, Wincy Li, Samantha Mandamine, Diane Simone, Sarena Johnson, Devon Harvey, Brian William, Rachel Gopaul, Bree Coleman, Thoywell Hemmings, Mahela Yasmin, Gabrielle Samson, Ollie Coombs, Areej Khalid, Talha Ince, Mohammed Halim, Danielle Licorish and Karina Brant

Featuring Conversations With: Alexxus Newman, Amal Gedleh, Kate Tutu, Heather Willis, Rachel Oryema, Symrna Wright, Devon Harvey and Michelle Cho


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