What to Expect

The modules within this resource follow a similar structure. Below are the key components of each module.

  • Introduction – Each module begins with an introduction to the main topic, including the learning objectives of the module.
  • Pre-Assessment – This section provides learners with an opportunity to locate themselves in relation to the equity issue, testing their general knowledge and implicit bias through reflective questions and knowledge checks.
  • Key Concepts – This section provides an overview of the key concepts, discussions, issues and historical context of the module theme.
  • In the Workplace – This section looks at the equity issue in the workplace setting and provides information about the provisions, standards and associated legislation, along with the roles and responsibilities of both employers and employees. Learners are also introduced to intersectional issues and the disproportionate impacts of diverse individuals’ experiences.
  • EDI in Practice – This section is included in all but Module 1: Key Concepts in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Learners will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of the module theme to interactive scenarios in the workplace.
  • Self Advocacy – This section explores what individuals can do in response to discrimination in their workplace. Learners will be provided with resources and supports to use in addressing challenging situations they may encounter either as a subject or witness to discriminatory behaviours. Opportunities for allyship are encouraged.
  • Post-Assessment – This section provides learners with knowledge checks to assess their understanding, as well as reflective questions to consider or reconsider how they respond to inequity.
  • Summary – This section provides learners with key takeaways from the module.
  • Resources and Further Learning – Apart from the numerous links and resources shared throughout the module, this section provides a curated list of resources available to learners who wish to continue their learning journey.

Simulations, Knowledge Checks and Featured Conversations

Modules 2 to 7 of this resource include simulations that depict real life workplace scenarios related to EDI that learners may encounter during face-to-face interactions with clients, patients, consumers or colleagues. Through a series of videos and multiple-choice questions, learners gain insight and understanding of the different positionalities individuals may face in the workplace. Through this process, learners will have the opportunity to internalize knowledge and skills that they will subsequently be able to apply to their professional careers.

This resource also includes a number of knowledge checks (e.g., quizzes) for learners to test their understanding of the key concepts in each of the modules. These low-stakes knowledge checks can be revisited as many times as the learner chooses.

Finally, the resource includes a series of featured conversations with alumni, professionals and subject matter experts who share their perspectives on the importance of EDI in practice, including their personal experiences.



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