Module 4: Ableism and Accessibility


Images we encounter every day can both limit and expand our imagination and understanding. Visit the Legacy Art Project’s murals of Terry Fox.

This image represents five artistic entries shortlisted for a mural in Toronto representing Terry Fox that will hang in a public space at the Rehabilitation Sciences Building at the University of Toronto. The competition is co-sponsored by the Legacy Art Project self-described “as a citizen-funded public space initiative dedicated to the spirit of courage, determination, and action that Terry Fox embodied.” The murals depict Terry Fox (1958-1981), a cancer survivor and amputee who ran a cross-country “Marathon of Hope” in 1980 to raise donations for cancer research. He was forced to curtail the marathon after running 5,373 kilometres, and before reaching the Pacific Ocean. Yet, he remains an iconic image (Anderson).



Complete Reflection 4.1 (Module 4 Pre-Assessment) in your Reflection Journal.

Reflect on what the images of Terry Fox presented in the Pre-Assessment say (and do not say) about conceptions of disability and persons with disabilities, and any feelings that they emote.

For more information, please see the Reflection Journal Instructions in the Introduction to this Pressbook.



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