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How to Use This Resource

This self-directed learning resource was created for undergraduate students across Ontario. Learners can use this resource to prepare for their transition into their fields and professions, both as part of their experiential learning within their respective programs and their development as emerging professionals. Learners can go through the modules at their own pace and according to their own needs.

This is not a legal guide and is not meant to provide the reader with legal advice. Information provided was to point the learner in the direction to the general sources of relevant information and resources that support them to be empowered learners and self advocates if needed.

Instructors using this resource may link directly to the resource as a whole or by module in their teaching. We encourage all instructors to consider opportunities to introduce and explore equity, diversity and inclusion together with their students. These conversations can be challenging and difficult, requiring critical self reflection on the part of both the educator and the student. It must be appreciated that their is a level of trust that is required for all individuals to engage in these conversations and with our varied experiences, power and privilege we don’t all start at the same level of trust nor should conditions of participation be imposed. Doing so, can actually create unsafe learning spaces that can re- traumatize and re-victimize participants causing them to be excluded or limited in their ability to fully participate and engage. There is little known about the impacts of trauma and stress on the learning and development of students. As educators with a diverse student population it is incumbent on you to consider how trauma sensitive practices may need to feature in your practices and pedagogical approaches. To responsibly take on these conversations and issues it is important to engage other resources and consult with the community organizations/experts/leaders. These partnerships are critical to ensuring appropriate sensitivity and care is taken when facilitating these discussions. The work of integrating equity is best done in collaboration and partnership with others, including students.

This resource was created under an Ontario Commons 1.0 copyright license. If you are an instructor and would like to share or adapt the resource, please attribute the work to this book and eCampusOntario and indicate if changes have been made.

How to Navigate the Modules

The resource is hosted in Pressbooks (a web-based platform). If you are unfamiliar with Pressbooks, please view the video below to learn how to navigate Pressbooks.

Source: Iowa State University Digital Press. Navigating Your Course Pressbook. Licenced under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Reflection Journal Instructions

For learners who choose to use the Reflection Journal, this activity is designed to honestly and safely unpack and examine your views as you go through the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice Pressbook. You can return to your Reflection Journal whenever you are prompted to write a reflection about the content and resources that you engage with (look for the Reflection boxes in the Pre- and Post-Assessment chapters of each module).

Use the link below to access the Reflection Journal. You will be prompted to make a personal copy of the Google document when you select the link. After saving the copy to your Google Drive, you can star the file, so that you can easily access it for all of your reflections as you go through this Pressbook. If you don’t have access to Google Docs, you can download a MS Word version of this file onto your desktop.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice Reflection Journal


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