Module 6: 2SLGBTQIA+ and Transgender Inclusion



How Much Does Cisnormativity Affect You?

This questionnaire is adapted from the Canadian Federation of Students, Challenging Cisnormativity questionnaire.

Read each statement below. Give yourself a point if the statement is true to you. Each question is worth 1 point. Add up your score upon completion and review the summary below to learn more about how you navigate the world and some suggested actions:

  • Strangers do not ask me what my “real name” (given name) is.
  • People do not assume that they have a right to call me by my “real name” (given name) (e.g., in class, your professor uses a given name even after you’ve requested a different name).
  • People do not disrespect me by using incorrect pronouns, even after they have been corrected.
  • I do not have trouble ticking off my gender in a box when I am filling out a form.
  • Strangers do not assume they can ask me what my genitals look like or how I have sex.
  • I do not worry about whether I will be able to find a bathroom to use or whether I will be safe in a bathroom or locker room.
  • The healthcare system (or my health insurance provider) does not specifically exclude me from receiving benefits or treatments available to others because of my gender identity.
  • I can expect that my healthcare provider(s) will refer to me by my preferred name and pronouns and I will be able to access publicly funded and supportive healthcare.
  • My mental health has never been questioned for stating my gender.
  • My family respects and accepts my gender identity.

Next steps: 

Add up your score (recall that each statement is worth 1 point) and complete Reflection 6.1 (Module 6 Pre-Assessment) in your Reflection Journal.

If you score above 5, consider how you navigate the world differently than someone who might score below 5. How safe would you feel entering spaces such as bathrooms, classrooms or workspaces? How valued would you feel as a member of society?

If you score below 5, use this time to continue to think about what it means to engage with the workforce and how you might seek support as you move towards your career. Reach out to your career centre for support and try to identify mentors who can be your companion. This module will give you tips on how to identify safe workspaces and how to advocate for yourself.

For more information, please see the Reflection Journal Instructions in the Introduction to this Pressbook.



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