Pre-Workshop Preparation

Advertising the 2022 Workshop

Advertising the 2022 Workshop

To ensure that we reached a broad and diverse range of potential participants, which included both Indigenous and non-Indigenous faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, community members, and other stakeholders, we endeavoured to advertise the workshop broadly.

We e-mailed information about the 2022 workshop, including registration details to a mailing list that was composed of former participants of our 2021 workshop who had indicated their interest in participating in future events.

We also sent out targeted workshop announcements to departments of anthropology/sociology and graduate programs at Ontario universities. We also posted advertisements to relevant Listservs, including the National Aboriginal Mental Health Research network.

To further ensure a strong distribution of participants for both workshops, we included a question about the participants’ current role and the reason(s) prospective individuals wanted to participate in the event on the workshop registration form. Participants were also asked if they had any specific questions about Indigenous data sovereignty (IDSov), which we used to narrow the focus of the discussion questions and guide the structure and organization of the breakout rooms.


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