Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute

The presenters from the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute spoke about the work that is involved in caring for, archiving, and making collected materials accessible.

Chanelle Fabbri and Rob Imrie focused on applying decolonizing frameworks to their work in collections. They emphasized their commitment to ensuring that museum and archival materials are obtained consensually. They also discussed the importance of ensuring that archival spaces are comfortable and safe for communities to gather and learn. Imrie elaborated on how the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute is growing and discussed their commitment to ethically obtain and showcase collections in Indigenous spaces.

Annie Bosum joined online and spoke about her passion for Aanischaaukamikw and how it motivates her to continue building this storehouse of Indigenous knowledge.

Kory Saganash provided a short video showcasing behind the scenes footage of Aanischaaukamikw. This included the repository of archival materials and a look at the inner workings of the digitization process, which enables the staff to make available a large quantity of cultural materials online.


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