Pre-Workshop Preparation

Hybrid Workshop Offerings

Hybrid Workshop Offerings

To respond to continuing concerns around in-person gatherings during the pandemic, the 2022 workshop was offered in a hybrid format. This provided options that ensured accessibility for those wanting to attend virtually or in-person at Toronto Metropolitan University.

We made considerable effort to ensure that our online event was accessible, engaging, and inclusive. This included meeting with both Toronto Metropolitan University’s technology departments and Dr. Celia Popovic, a leader in online education. Dr. Popovic provided valuable tips and advice on hosting virtual conference/workshop events, which we incorporated into the structure of our workshop to maintain a comfortable balance for in-person and online workshop activities. The event was also close-captioned to ensure that the event was accessible to those with accommodation needs. Further, it was held in a venue that was physically accessible to all attendees (including elevators, accessible restrooms, and wayfinding signage, etc.).

For both the 2021 and 2022 workshops, our strategy was to optimize the time for presentations and group discussion. Based on the feedback that we received for our 2021 workshop, we wanted to ensure that workshop 2022 featured case-studies/case-based scenarios so that the workshop focused on matters of application and best practices.

To this end, in 2022, we sought out individuals and/or groups who were actively engaged in Indigenous data management processes. With their respective team’s deep engagement in the issues of Indigenous data sovereignty (IDSov), Professor Celia Haig-Brown’s Listen to the Land team (a collaboration between York University and the Naskapi Nation) and members of the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute agreed to be the speakers for the 2022 workshop..


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