Ways Forward

Workshop 2021

Workshop 2021

Workshop 2021 concluded with a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion of Ways Forward. This provided a forum for workshop participants to share their thoughts and comments on alternative methods and practices to advance Indigenous data sovereignty (IDSov).

The group of participants concluded that there needs to be further discussions on data management plans in Indigenous communities generally and in the context of working with Indigenous individuals and communities, and how to more effectively incorporate these plans into grant applications. Some concerns were raised with regard to whether Indigenous communities would want their information in federal or provincial repositories.

Attention was drawn to the fact that there was also a suggestion that there needs to be more flexibility with respect to the development and evolution of collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities. There is also a need for academic champions for IDSov issues and a more active role to be played by senior faculty members. They would ideally encourage education and best practices on these issues among their peers and inspire change.


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