Testimonials – 2021 Workshop

Testimonials 2021 Workshop

These testimonials from the 2021 workshop summarize the participants’ impressions of each component of the workshop. They are a synopsis of how participants felt post-workshop about their level of engagement during the discussions, the relevance and value of the information that was presented, and the overall format of the workshop.


There was consensus that the workshop was successfully delivered and presented relevant information that broadened the knowledge base of the participants. Based on survey responses, the keynote speaker presentations were central and high points of the workshop. Many respondents expressed that the presentations were their favourite part/most useful aspect of the workshop.

Participants also mentioned that they enjoyed learning about:

  • the CARE principles,
  • reinforcement of community involvement, and
  • the TK/BC labels.

Respondents described these presentations as ‘wonderful’, ‘very interesting,’ and ‘stimulating.’


Participants were also asked in the post-workout survey what they liked least about the workshop. The responses show that participants would have liked shorter discussion questions with more time allotted to answer the questions. Some felt that the workshop was geared toward those who work in library studies and archives. One participant noted that breakout rooms needed to have a balance of people from different disciplines (e.g., academic researchers, community members, librarians, and archivists, etc.). Moreover, there was a suggestion of more balance when delegating breakout rooms. For examples, some participants felt that some rooms had too many librarians and others had too many professors.

Overall View:

Overall the majority of responses from the post-workshop survey were positive and reflect satisfaction with the structure, organization, and delivery of the workshop, especially given that this workshop was held virtually. Please note that the response rate to the survey was 30% of participants post-workshop.

The following graphs represent the participants’ overall experiences.

Figure 3a Did the Workshop Meet Your Goals
Figure 3a Did the Workshop Meet Your Goals
Figure 3b Overall, How Would You Rate This Workshop
Figure 3b Overall, How Would You Rate This Workshop


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