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Dedicated Website

Dedicated Website 

A dedicated website ( was originally developed for the 2021 workshop. It was subsequently revised and updated to serve as a single information hub, resource, and workshop registration site.

The site includes detailed information about both workshops, our mission statement, funding sources, and a comprehensive storehouse of Indigenous data sovereignty (IDSov) and research data management resources. All of the presentations from both the 2021 and 2022 workshops have been preserved on the website (with permission from each speaker) as written summaries or video presentations.

In addition to the two workshops’ detailed information, the website also includes materials and resources on IDSov and research data management more generally. The extensively researched resources page on the website includes a catalogue of relevant materials on IDSov including academic articles, books, policy reports/recommendations, and recordings.

Finally, the site also allows workshop participants to construct and/or offer their own land acknowledgment, adding an engaged, interactive component which encourages participants to reflect on the scope of the relationship between Indigenous data sovereignty and the locations and spaces of our lives and research activities.

With the conclusion of the second and final workshop, we have updated the website so that it remains active to serve as a resource for social scientists and others on Indigenous data sovereignty.


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