Pre-Workshop Preparation

Key Components

Key Components

Several key components came together in preparation for this workshop:

  • identifying and establishing a connection with a variety of prospective keynote speakers;
  • producing an online presence via;
  • developing and posting workshop content to ensure open/public access to these materials; and
  • reaching out to university faculty and students, librarians, and community archivists for their participation.

At the beginning of our workshop planning, we arranged a joint meeting with a broad range of stakeholders, including representatives from Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute and the Listen to the Land academic research team, who would ultimately comprise our panel of guest speakers. Meeting with the panel prompted in-depth conversations around best practices for aligning research methodologies with the larger goal of ensuring that comprehensive protocols are in place for storing and managing Indigenous and community-based data.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to start a national conversation about the role of social scientists in the ethical management and curation of Indigenous data sovereignty (IDSov).


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