Chapter 11 – Public Relations, Sponsorships, and Direct Promotion

11.4 Discussion Questions and Activities


  1. Why are public relations efforts funded by firms?

  2. Who does the public relations for a firm?
  3. Why are sponsorships becoming more popular?
  4. How would you define social media?
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of various social media platforms?


  1. Explain three different types of public relations tools that a company can use to generate interest in its products.
  2. What types of sponsorships are becoming more popular and why?
  3. What are the risks of posting information on social media?
  4. Why has the Canadian government decided to strengthen privacy laws?


  1. Create a product review or a blog for your favorite fast-food restaurant that you would like other people to see on social media. Where would you post it?

  2. Write a press release about special activities your college or university is doing to help the environment or community.

  3. Think about your favorite movie and explain what product placements you think would be successful. Would you change your recommended product placements if you were making recommendations for shows that appealed more to your grandparents?

  4. You have been asked to put together an integrated direct marketing campaign. Make sure you included offline and online vehicles.


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