1. Aspects of Web Accessibility Auditing

Common Sense

Gaining awareness of the potential for barriers in web content takes many forms. Perhaps you read a book to educate yourself. Maybe your workplace has sponsored training in this area. Or, you may know someone who experiences these barriers firsthand and who has shared their frustrations or insights with you. In Lulu’s case, a prospective client drew her attention to the issue. No matter how you gain your awareness, it is important that breaking down the barriers becomes both common sense and common practice.

Key Point: Common sense may require personal experience before it becomes common sense. Seek out ways to interact with assistive technology and those who use it.

If you’ve never used assistive technology yourself, or interacted with someone who does, take a moment for the video below and visit his YouTube channel The Blind Film Critic for a humorous look at being blind.

Video: How a Blind Person Uses a Computer

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