3. Automated Testing Tools

WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool


Another popular free accessibility checker is WAVE, developed by WebAIM at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. It is a web service, similar to AChecker, though without much of the interactivity and customizability. Those who prefer a visual presentation of the issues, as opposed to the list presentation of AChecker, may find WAVE easier to use.

WAVE Features

WAVE is similar to AChecker in the following respects:

  • WAVE can take a URL and assess the page it leads to
  • It evaluates one page at a time

WAVE produces a report by reproducing the page that was reviewed, inserting a variety of icons into the content to identify errors (known problems) and alerts (potential problems), as well as the accessibility features that are present. Clicking on any of the icons will provide a brief description and a link to additional information.

Toolkit: Add the WAVE Chrome Extension to your Toolkit.


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