The Information Here Will Be Helpful To…

This is aimed at those who are responsible for implementing accessibility on an organization’s website. These people tend to be web developers (sometimes referred to as webmasters) but may also include web content editors and web designers who are comfortable using HTML, CSS, and to some degree, JavaScript.

Web Developers

Web developers should focus on understanding the technical content, but also be familiar with the general content. That is, all of the information here will be relevant to you.

Everyone Else

If you are not a web developer, depending on your background and level of comfort with web technologies, you may choose to skip over the technical parts, presented within the content in blue boxes and marked as Technical. Review the Table of Contents for a full list of topics. You can focus your study on the general content, completing the activities and setting up a Web Accessibility Auditing Toolkit, and, having made your way through all the reading and activities, come away with a good understanding of the requirements for developing accessible web content.


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