1. Aspects of Web Accessibility Auditing

Self-Test 1

Question 1

Which of the following are automated accessibility checkers not good at identifying? Please select all that apply.

  1. missing text descriptions
  2. if link text effectively describes the function or destination of the link
  3. whether alt text describes an image effectively
  4. whether alternatives are provided for inaccessible elements
  5. if a Web page has a title or not
  6. whether the title effectively describes a Web page

Question 2

Which of the following groups of people with disabilities are least likely to face barriers in Web content? People who:

  1. are Deaf
  2. are blind
  3. use a wheelchair
  4. have limited hand mobility
  5. are learning disabled

Question 3

Which of the following were mentioned as key things to watch for when auditing the accessibility of Web content? Please select all that apply.

  1. images without a text alternative
  2. elements that work with a mouse but not with a keyboard
  3. text too complex for some to understand
  4. using bold large text to create headings
  5. using text and background colours that do not contrast well
  6. elements that flash or flicker

Answers to Self-Test 1



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