Songs of Jamaica (1912)

Lub O’ Mine

DARLIN’, though you lub me still,
I feel it so,
To t’ink dat we neber will
Meet soon, you know;

Eben when you tell me say[1]
Dat your dear heart[2]
Did grow ‘tronger ebery day
An’ hate fe part.

Feelin’ all you’ lub for me,
I t’ink[3] you press
Your heart, as it use’ to be,[4]
Upon me breas’.

Lubin’ you wid all me soul,
De lub is such
Dat it beat out blood,[5] — de whole,[6]
An’ dat is much.

Lubin’ you as you go ‘long
In a you walk;[7]
Also when you chune[8] a song,
An’ as you talk.

An’ a so I hate fe see[9]
You go astray
In those t’ings dat you and me
Can cast away.[10]

Lub, I dyin’[11] fe you’ smile,
An’ some sweet news
Dat can cheer me heart awhile
Fe wha’ it lose.

Lub me, darlin’ — lub, aldough
You are now gone:
You can never leave me so —

  1. Although you do tell me
  2. Love
  3. Imagine
  4. As formerly
  5. Beats out relations — i.e., makes relations nothing
  6. Father and mother and all
  7. In your walk
  8. Tune = sing
  9. An I so hate to see
  10. Need not do
  11. I am dying


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