Songs of Jamaica (1912)

To Clarendon Hills and H. A. H.

LOVED Clarendon hills,
Dear Clarendon hills,
Oh! I feel de chills,
Yes, I feel de chills
Coursin’ t’rough me frame
When I call your name,[1]
Dear Clarendon hills,
Loved Clarendon hills.

Wand’rin’, wand’rin’ far,
Weary, wan’drin’ far
‘Douten guidin’ star,
Not a guidin’ star,
Still my love’s for you
Ever, ever true,
Though I wander far,
Weary wander far.

H. A. H., my frien’,
Ever cherished frien’,
I’ll return again,
Yes, return again:
Think, O think of me
Tossed on life’s dark sea,
H. A. H., my frien’,
Dearest, fondest frien’.

Ah, dear frien ‘ o’ mine,
Love me, frien’ o’ mine,
Wid that love of thine
Passin’ love of womenkin’,[2]
More dan love of womenkin’:
Clasp me to your breast,
Pillow me to rest,
Fait’ful frien’ o’ mine,
Truest frien’ o’ mine.

Though you may be sad,
Sorrowin’ an’ sad,
Never min’ dat, lad,
Don’t you min’ dat, lad!
Live, 0 live your life,
Trample on de strife,
Though you may be sad,
Always, always sad.

Loved Clarendon hills,
Cherished frien’ o’ mine,
Oh, my bosom thrills,
Soul an’ body pine:
Trough de wul’ I rove,
Pinin’ for your love,
Blest Clarendon hills,
Dearest frien’ o’ mine.

  1. Speak of you
  2. 2 Sam. i. 26


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