abled saviours

‘Heroic’ non-disabled people who want to 'help' disabled people without necessarily taking guidance from disabled people themselves


What a digital platform, technology, or site allows us to do


the privileging of hearing and hearing people over Deaf people, and spoken language over signed language


The idea that our bodies and minds are impossible to fully comprehend as separate or distinct from each other


The limitations that a digital site and/or medium impose on us

Convergence culture

The flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want (Jenkins, 2006)

critical play

To design games that in some way address and interrogate our lives or society.

Deaf gain

"a term given to the idea that the unique sensory orientation of deaf people leads to a sophisticated form of visuospatial language and visual ways of being” (Murray, 2016)

Digital technology

Of signals, information, or data; represented by a series of discrete values (commonly the numbers 0 and 1), typically for electronic storage or processing. (OED)


Theories of knowledge - how do we know what we know, how did it become accepted as 'knowledge'

Global North

Countries located primarily in the northern hemisphere, that have historically been identified as "first world" by their relative wealth, technology, and global dominance.

Global South

Countries located primarily in the southern hemisphere, that have historically been identified as "third world" by their relative poverty, technology, and lack of global dominance.

inspiration porn

The portrayal of people with disabilities as being inspirational to able-bodied people, on the basis of existing with their disability (Wikipedia)


A photo and video-sharing social media platform, currently owned by Facebook/Metaverse

Judith Butler

Judith Butler is a Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at Berkeley. She is the author of many widely read texts in Feminist and Queer Theory and a central figure in theorizing the performative construction of gender and sexuality.

multimodal listening

A holistic approach of situated, embodied sound experience which focuses on the ways we filter sound through contexts and feel sound throughout our body

New Media

According to Jenkins (2006)

-"access, participation, reciprocity, and peer-to-peer rather than one-to-many communication."
-“a changed sense of community, a greater sense of participation, less dependence on official expertise, and a greater trust in collaborative problem solving.”


The term ‘podcast’ is a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast, used to describe talk radio-style audio shows accessible on most Internet-connected devices and smart phones. Podcasts cover a wide variety of topics and genres with shows about true crime investigations, news and pop culture reviews being some of the most popular.


Changing the appearance of a playable video game character

Rosemarie Garland Thompson

"Rosemarie Garland-Thomson is a professor of English and bioethics at Emory University, where she teaches disability studies, bioethics, American literature and culture, and feminist theory. Her work develops the field of critical disability studies in the health humanities to bring forward disability access, inclusion, and identity to a broad range of institutions and communities." -

Sunaura Taylor

Sunaura Taylor is an artist and writer. She works at the intersection of disability studies, environmental humanities, animal studies, environmental justice, and art practice. Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Society and Environment at UC Berkeley." -


The tools that we use in our everyday lives. They are the application of scientific, mechanical, technical, and digital innovations.


-The branch of knowledge dealing with the mechanical arts and applied sciences; the study of this.
-The application of such knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in industry, manufacturing, etc.; the sphere of activity concerned with this; the mechanical arts and applied sciences collectively.
-The product of such application; technological knowledge or know-how; a technological process, method, or technique. Also: machinery, equipment, etc., developed from the practical application of scientific and technical knowledge

To crip

Fritsch and Hamraie: The non-compliant, anti-assimilationist position that disability is a desirable part of the world.

McRuer: Like ‘to queer,’ gets at processes that unsettle, or processes that make strange or twisted.

to mod

modified, altered, and edited the code and assets of; click here for more information on mods:

triple A games

high-profile, high-budget "blockbuster" games typically produced by large and well-known game publishers.

Web 1.0

The early internet, characterized by the ability to access information online and connect via email.

Web 2.0

Characterized by participation, social media, and the collapse between private and public. Users are actively involved in creating content online, and much of what is consumed was created by other users rather than traditional media conglomerates or corporations.


Zines are paper (or more recently digital) publications made outside of commercial or professional contexts, usually circulated in small batches within communities.


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