Module 6: Audio/Podcasting Workshop

6.4 Maker Spotlight: Fady Shanouda

Maker spotlight

This module’s makers spotlight features the talented and thoughtful podcaster Fady Shanouda. Fady is a professor at Carleton University who works at the intersection of disability, Mad, and fat studies. His podcast is called Disability Saves the World ( Before we work through a platform analysis of audio-based work, let’s explore what Fady has to say about his work.


The transcript of Fady’s video can be read at this link:

The transcript of Fady’s video with visual description can be read at this link:

While watching, jot down some of the important points our makers have highlighted.  You may use the questions below to guide your reflections:

  • How does Fady define/talk about access?
  • What barriers does Fady discuss?
  • What did you find most interesting in the interview?
  • What resonated with your own experience?
  • What was one thing you learned from watching/listening to this Maker Spotlight?
  • Does this Maker Spotlights inspire you or make you think about your own digital storytelling in a new way?
  • What is your own relationship to podcasts? Has it changed over time?


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