Module 2: Introduction to Digital Methods for Disability Studies

2.6 Writing a Digital Object Story


Scavenger Hunt (3-4 minutes)

We’re going to go on a personal object scavenger hunt. Take a couple of minutes and pick 2 or 3 objects in your space. Ideally, these are objects that you use every day or frequently, items that you have an intimate, personal relationship with. We are going to use these objects as prompts in our writing activity. Will you choose your bed? Cell phone? Running shoes? Mobility aid? Plant? Alarm clock? iPad? Ergonomic desk? Pipe? Really uncomfortable chair? The bottle of ibuprofen on your bedside table?

Writing Exercise (7-10 minutes)

Now we’re going to use these items to tell stories about our feelings and experiences, access needs, and relationships with culture and society, as well as power, privilege, vulnerability, violence, and care. When you are finished writing your thoughts you can click the blue arrow and save your answers. You may use this object story in other parts of the Pressbook as we build a digital story.


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