Module 6: Audio/Podcasting Workshop

6.5 Platform Analysis: Podcasting

How do you consume sound? Many people list as one of their main sources of audio consumption. By this point in the Pressbook, you likely have some theories for explaining why podcasts are as popular as they are. This module’s platform analysis is a great place to start putting your background knowledge and reflections from the Makers Spotlight videos to the test. Working from your reflections on the Maker Spotlight, consider these ideas brought up by Fady’s interview:



Choose one of the three podcasts below to engage with by listening or reading the linked transcript:

  1. Magby, J. (2021, Jan. 7). Tech Talk: Disability Benefits & Algorithms — Talking Tech W/ Lydia X. Z. Brown & Alexandra Givens [Audio Podcast]. CDT’s Tech Talk.

    Automated Transcript by

  2. Hagen, S., & Mitchell, J. (2018, Nov. 12). €2 Million Dino Skeleton & Therapy: Not Your Mother’s Erotica [Audio Podcast]. Secret Dinosaur Cult.

    Automated Transcript by

  3. Jiwani, Y. (2019, Apr. 24).The Digital Graveyards Project. Episode 2: Interview with Stine Gotved. Intersectionality Research Hub.

    Automated Transcript by

Using the podcast you engaged with, perform a platform analysis using the following questions.

  • What are the affordances and constraints of podcasting? (What does it let creators and listeners do and not do?)
  • How is podcasting accessible? How is podcasting inaccessible?
  • In what ways can podcasting be harmful to creators and listeners?
  • Who owns the platforms that these podcasts appear on (SoundCloud, Apple, Acast)? Who benefits from the content?
  • What is the broader culture around podcasting? What connections can podcasts make?
  • How do these makers use podcasting to advocate, educate, and centre disability?
  • Have transcripts been made available for these podcasts?
  • Are trigger warnings being used?
  • How does listening to a podcast feel different from reading a blog post or looking at images?
  • How is music used in these podcasts? How does music or sound effects shape the mood/tone of the piece?
  • Where and how do you listen to podcasts?


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