Module 8: Critical Play and Crip Game Design

8.1 Module 8 Readings

1. Jerreat-Poole, A. (2018, Mar. 14). Mad/Crip Games and Play: An Introduction. First Person Scholar.

2. Dornieden, N. (2020, Dec. 22). Leveling Up Representation: Depictions of People of Color in Video Games. PBS. 

3. Explore one of the following two websites:

Additional/Suggested readings

Chess, S., Evans, N., Baines, J. J. (2016). What Does a Gamer Look Like? Video Games, Advertising, and Diversity. Television & New Media, 18 (1), 35-57.

Egilston, B. (2019, Jan. 17). It’s designers who can make gaming more accessible for people living with disabilities. The Conversation.

Flanagan, M. (2009). Critical Play: Radical Game Design. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Mut, C. (2019, Oct. 8). Accessibility finally matters to the game industry — but it needs to do better. Games Beat. Venture Beat.

Stoner, G. (2020, Feb. 25). How accessibility consultants are building a more inclusive video game industry behind the scenes. The Washington Post.


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