Module 5: Image Workshop

5.1 Module 5 Readings

Photo Essays

Choose two from the list below:

1. Mullady, M. (2011, Jan. 1). Unfractured Dreams: A Photo Essay. New Mobility.

2. Ross, R. (2015, Aug. 11). Masturbate, Sleep, Deteriorate. Medium.

3. Spence, J. (photos). Johnson, S. (words). (2016, Feb. 16). Dust to Dust: The photographer who stared death in the face – in pictures. The Guardian.

4. Turnbull, J. (2017, Nov. 14). Kev Howard on ‘d-FORMED’ his new photography exhibition. Disability Arts Online

5. UN Women. (2017, Dec. 1). Photo Essay: Women with disabilities across Europe and Central Asia break stereotypes and build resilience. UN Women.

Additional/Suggested Readings

Couture, C. (2018, Apr. 11). I couldn’t find any disability maternity photos, so I made my own. CBC Parents. CBCnews.

Crowther, A. (2021, Dec. 3). Who decides how disability is represented in stock photography? Medium.

Mattingly, L. (2017, Sept. 13). 5 tips for creating a photo essay with a purpose. Digital Photography School.

Seth McBride, S. (2021, Sept. 1). Photo collection seeks to offer more authentic disability representation to media outlets. New Mobility.

The National Network for Equitable Library Service. (n.d.). A Guide to Image Description.



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