Module 6: Audio/Podcasting Workshop

6.1 Module 6 Readings

1. Magby, J. (2021, Jan. 7). Tech Talk: Disability Benefits & Algorithms — Talking Tech W/ Lydia X. Z. Brown & Alexandra Givens [Audio Podcast]. CDT’s Tech Talk.
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2. Hagen, S., & Mitchell, J. (2018, Nov. 12). €2 Million Dino Skeleton & Therapy: Not Your Mother’s Erotica [Audio Podcast]. Secret Dinosaur Cult.
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3. Jiwani, Y. (2019, Apr. 24).The Digital Graveyards Project. Episode 2: Interview with Stine Gotved. Intersectionality Research Hub.
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4. Tangled Arts [@TangledArtsTO]. (2021, May 12). How do you make podcasts more accessible? [Tweet]. Twitter.

5. McLean, M. (2017, Dec. 27). Podcasting for the Blind & Partially Sighted. The Podcast Host.

Additional/Suggested readings

Guzy, M. (2017, May 4). The Sound of Life: What is a Soundscape? Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. 

Harter, L. (2019). Storytelling in Acoustic Spaces: Podcasting as Embodied and Engaged Scholarship. Health Communication, 34(1), 125–129.

Join the Party Podcast. (2020, August 25). The podcaster’s guide to transcribing audio. Bello Collective. 

Mayberry Scott, S. (2021, August 2). Sonic lessons of the covid-19 soundscape. Sounding Out! 

University of Michigan Library. (2021, December 4). Podcasting and audio storytelling: Podcasts & accessibility. Podcasting and Audio Storytelling: Accessibility for Audio Content. 

(WAI), W. C. W. A. I. (2021, April 12). Transcripts. Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) 


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