Module 7: Video Workshop

7.3 Platform Analysis: YouTube


In this module we will continue to develop our platform analysis skills, this time focusing on the dominant video sharing platform YouTube. Use the questions provided below to guide your platform analysis. These questions are designed to allow you to analyze YouTube as a platform and to support you in critically examining some of the specific videos assigned in this module. If you would like to see some example responses to the various questions posed below, navigate to the end of this section and explore the accordion feature. How do the answers compare and differ from your own?

  • How do you navigate to YouTube on your device?
  • What is the home screen layout? How do you access content on YouTube?
  • What are the affordances and constraints of YouTube? (What does it let creators and viewers do and not do?)
  • In what ways is YouTube accessible? How is it inaccessible?
  • What technological requirements are needed to access YouTube?
  • Who owns YouTube? Who profits from YouTube content?
  • What is the broader culture around YouTube?
  • How do these makers use videos to advocate, educate, and centre disability?
  • How does the media maker build access into their videos? How could they improve their access measures?



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