Module 8: Critical Play and Crip Game Design

8.7 Maker Spotlight: Squinky

Maker spotlight

The maker spotlight for this module is game designer Squinky. Squinky is a Montreal based new media artist and diversity consultant. Find their website here: To give you a quick idea of what Squinky does, here is an excerpt from the interview:

I’m D. Squinkifer, Squinky for short. Most people call me Squinky. And I am a game designer. And I make things ranging from experimental video games like interactive art installations, immersive theater performances, just like all sorts of playable experiences. I have recently co-founded a worker co-op called Soft Chaos. And we design playable experiences together. And also we’re a co-op. So we basically share all of the decision making in a democratic and equitable way.

The transcript of Squinky’s video can be read at this link:

The transcript of Squinky’s video with visual description can be read at this link:

After engaging with Squinky’s maker spotlight video, consider the following questions:

  • How does Squinky describe their relationship to technology?
  • What does Squinky mean by the ‘right to repair‘? Can we connect this practice to materiality and the production of digital devices?
  • Who is Squinky’s ideal audience?
  • What challenges and/or barriers does Squinky describe?
  • What is Squinky’s critique of the practice of ‘mastering difficulty’ in conventional gaming? How do they connect this critique to accessibility?
  • Do you relate to parts of this interview? What is your relationship to games and interactive art/fiction?
  • What was one thing you learned from this interview?
  • If you could ask Squinky one question, what would it be?


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