Module 5: Image Workshop

5.5 Maker Spotlight: Chiara Francesca

This module introduces our first Maker Spotlight, which will inspire conversation about digital art and access and the role of digital media and crip makers in broader conversations and movements about disability justice, activism, advocacy, community-building, and care work.

Our first Maker Spotlight features Chiara Francesca and their use of Instagram as a tool for education, activism, and collective care. You may have already done a platform analysis of Chiara’s Instagram page and with this video you can hear some of his reflections in their own words. You can watch her video below:

The transcript of Chiara’s video can be read at this link:

The transcript of Chiara’s video with visual description can be read at this link:

After taking time to engage with Chiara’s Maker Spotlight, please take a few moments to reflect on their work.  You may use the questions below to guide your reflections.

  • How does Chiara define/talk about access?
  • What barriers does Chiara discuss?
  • What did you find most interesting in Chiara’s interview?
  • What resonated with your own experience?
  • What was one thing you learned from watching/listening to Chiara’s Maker Spotlight?
  • Does Chiara’s Maker Spotlight inspire you or make you think about your own digital storytelling in a new way?
  • What is your own relationship to social media and/or digital images? Has it changed over time?


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