Chapter 9: Towards the Well-Researched Paper


You may recall that in Chapter 4, our outline mimicked the shape of the three-storey thesis itself, with early paragraphs dealing in detail with the specific evidence we were examining, paragraphs in the middle of the paper leaning further into interpreting that evidence, and the final body paragraphs providing the revelation of the second storey’s ultimate significance. A similar structure will work here as well, though again, be aware that when you become more comfortable with essay structure, you may choose to play around with it for the sake of your argument’s efficiency and effect.

For now, we’ll be starting with the same basic trajectory as Chapter 4. Note, however, that because this essay is longer, we will be using more paragraphs. It is worth noting that you need not stick with the number of paragraphs you come up with in your outline. Your approach may shift over time as you research and draft your essay.


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