Chapter 1: Time is on Your Side


Watch Video 1.2 to see the key steps in gathering evidence from the essay The Plot to Privatize Common Knowledge by David Bollier. It may be useful for you to review the essay before watching the video.

Interesting words or phrases

common good

managing creations of the mind

useful arts

public meaning

cultural meaning

corporate obsession

ecologically and ethically dubious

fundamental knowledge


New words or phrases

market fundamentalism





trademark dilution

privatization of words

cultural commons

land rush



Patterns and synonyms

Corporate control: crude, anti-social instruments of control and avarice; bullying; alarming expansion of copyright law

Creepy control: managing creations of the mind; useful arts; privatization of words

Theft: land rush; biopiracy; anti-commons

What’s at stake: modern culture; common good; fundamental knowledge

Money: robust, innovative and competitive marketplace; monopoly; markets

Market jargon: Market Fundamentalism; trademark dilution; market value

Be nice!: sharing; collaboration; public good



intellectual property rights v. “theft” and “piracy”

useful v. useless

big business v. new voices

commercial v. non-commercial

claim v. inheritance

barriers v. sharing

patent v. collaboration

private property v. public good

deter v. encourage

elusive v. secure

New opportunities v. monopoly

Commons v. markets




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