Chapter 7: Making Your Own Argument

Watch This!

The following video walks through how to create a two-storey thesis statement using the Occupy Wall St. Facebook group page. Watch Video 7.3: Creating an Initial Two-Storey Thesis to see the drafting of an A-level example.


FIRST STOREY: Occupy Wall St.’s Facebook page showcases that users of the page have a difficult and often frustrating time discussing, and perhaps linking, global events to events and concerns that are more local, and perhaps personal, to them. This is demonstrated by the comments under the post “From #Ferguson to #Gaza #BLM,” wherein discussion of the event leads to participants calling each other names like “idiots” and angry confusion over how the Black Lives Matters is related to the Middle East (ex. The post “What the hell does BLM have to do with geopolitics in the Middle East?”).

SECOND STOREY: Such interaction on the page demonstrates that while Facebook pages do provide a useful tool for distributing information and bringing large communities together, users often end up using inflammatory, escalating or insulting language that stunts potential deeper discussions of the complex topics posted.



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