Chapter 12: What Have I Accomplished? Conclusion and Final Assessment

Potential Questions to Ask

  1. At the paragraph level:

  • Does each paragraph have a unique argument that complicates the overall thesis?
  • Does the topic sentence reflect the argument being made in that paragraph?
  • Does each paragraph have a distinct progression from beginning to the middle to the end?
  • Does the paragraph go off on any tangents? Does it remained focused, from the first sentence to the last, on the argument within that paragraph?
  • How long is each paragraph? Are some too short? Are some too long?
  • Do any paragraphs repeat key parts of the argument?
  • Does each paragraph connect logically to the next paragraph?
  • What is the job of each paragraph? For example, one paragraph may be for analyzing a detail from your central example, while another will be incorporating scholarly research.  Is it achieving its job?
  • Is the analysis of the central example done effectively?
  • Is the research integrated and activated effectively?
  • Although the argument is being reformulated as new evidence is added, is the argument clear in each paragraph?
  1. At the sentence level:

  • Do the sentences make sense syntactically? (Did you stumble when you read them out loud?)
  • Does each sentence add something new to the paragraph?
  • Do any sentences repeat the same idea?
  • Does each sentence connect to the next sentence?
  • How long is each sentence? Are some too short? Are some too long?
  • Are there any run-on sentences?
  • Are there any sentence fragments?
  1. At the word level:

  • Are key terms defined with a scholarly definition?
  • Are the verbs effective? Are the verbs precise and demonstrative?
  • Are the pronouns used (I, you, we, us) effective and appropriate for the genre of writing?
  • Is each word clear and logical?
  • Are words repeated? If so, is the word being repeated central to the argument being made in that paragraph? Is it central to the argument being made throughout the essay?
  1. At the the essay level:

  • Does the argument get stronger as evidence is added?
  • Does the argument build logically?
  • Is the argument clear at each stage of the essay?
  • Is there missing research that might strengthen the argument?
  1. Proofreading:

  • Is every word spelled correctly, including author’s names, cities and unique vocabulary?
  • Are all words used correctly?
  • Is each sentence correct grammatically?
  • Is all punctuation used correctly?
  • Are in-text citations used properly?


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