Chapter 3: The Full Three Storey Thesis

The Full Three-Storey Thesis

Here is our full three-storey thesis built upon the two-storey thesis we wrote in response to “The Plot to Privatize Common Knowledge.”



In “The Plot to Privatize Common Knowledge” David Bollier examines the perceived threat to “fundamental knowledge” and the “common good” posed by contemporary corporations who are converting property rights and patenting claims into “crude, anti-social instruments of control and avarice.”



He uses this examination as a warning to his readers that such “over-patenting,” if continued unchecked, will result in much of what has been previously considered the shared and accumulated wisdom of humanity becoming “off limits” to the average citizen.



The result of this knowledge becoming “off limits,” Bollier argues, is that the lack of public “fundamental knowledge” strangles the potential leaps forward “that are essential to creativity and good research” in advancing technological or scientific fields and will ultimately greatly slow humanistic progress towards improving the lives of the global population.



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