Chapter 10: Joining the Conversation: Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, and You

Scholarly Articles

It is now essential  that we find the scholarly articles needed to elevate our analysis of our primary evidence. As a reminder of how to do this, let’s return to the hypothetical research question from Chapter 8 and review how we broke it down into searchable keywords and Boolean Concepts:


From Pixabay.

Comics and graphic novels are important tools for teaching secondary school students Shakespearean drama. Their use of visual narratives bring enhanced meaning to the late-sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century English language and improve both reading comprehension and memory retention.

Concept 1: comics OR graphic novels OR manga

Concept 2: teaching OR study OR learning

Concept 3: secondary school OR high school

Concept 4: Shakespeare

Concept 5: drama OR plays OR theatre OR theater

Concept 6: reading comprehension

Concept 7: memory retention

In this case, there are probably too many concepts broken out. You may want to reorganize your list and prioritize three or four concepts to search at the start. If you search for too many concepts, you may get no results.


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