Chapter 5: Maintaining Focus and Purpose: The Body Paragraphs

Body Paragraphs

Body Paragraph 4


Justice notes that sometimes such differences, even when expressed, still lead to divisions that may seem insurmountable. “We parcel up land into properties,” Justice writes, marking our divisions from one another. In more extreme cases, we are “separated permanently by mountains or water barriers” which seem to end definitively any sense or hope of unity: “because of our success in outgrowing our original environment, we ceased to have a common place and identity.” This insurmountable division seems an unavoidable result of human evolution and prosperity, Justice claims—as the earliest groups of humans thrived in their shared landscape, “eventually, as populations grew over generations, a new band would split off.” Such splits would drive groups of humans further afield from one another, resulting in a mutual forgetting of their “common place and identity” and likely the “evolution of different languages.”

Please note: You can see we have moved fully into our analysis of what this essay is really about and our argument about what is really at stake here. This paragraph is dedicated entirely to analyzing information that bolsters our claim that one of Justice’s driving motives is examining how humans have become distanced into “occupying different places” through technological, agricultural and domestication evolution. It is vital here that we do not just state evidence from the essay, but that we connect all cited material directly to our interpretive claim. You should also note how the notion of bridging the distance between different groups of people is carried from the last sentence in Paragraph 3 to the first sentence in Paragraph 4.


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