Chapter 2: Evidence

Thinking Ahead…

Get ready to organize your thoughts on the text.
From Pixabay/CC0 1.0.

Review the selection of essays available for your midterm. Take some time before the next class to read the selected essays. Don’t choose too quickly!  Try not to select automatically the shortest essay or the essay with the most interesting title. Read each essay and decide which one most interests you. For which one do you think you can gather the most information? Which one is likely to  inspire you to make a unique interpretive claim for which you will have sufficient and suitable textual evidence? This should give you  a clear idea of which article will work best for your midterm assignment.

After you select the article you want to analyze for your midterm, create a blueprint and write your two-storey opening. Always bring your notes and draft materials to class for feedback and further revision.


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