Chapter 12: What Have I Accomplished? Conclusion and Final Assessment

Try This!


Now that you’ve completed your self-evaluation, you have a better sense of what might be the last few places you need to revise in your essay. Return to the  different levels of revision from the beginning of this chapter, answer the question for two levels and do two more revisions with those specific levels as your directives. Pay special attention now to your conclusion in your revisions. Does it follow from the previous logic in your essay? Does it in fact conclude your essay? Does it contain your final argument?

As you are responding to these questions, for your last revisions, bring your computer to a different room or print your essay and read it out loud to yourself. Every time that you find yourself stumbling, mark it in the margins of your essay and correct it once you are done reading the whole essay. Try not to correct it in the moment: interrupting yourself may disrupt your understanding of the logical flow of the article and it is useful to do at least one relatively uninterrupted, continuous reading of your work.



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