For the Instructor

Chapter 6: One Last Time Before You Go: The Conclusion and Final Review

For the Instructor

To help students write their conclusions, have them review the evidence they gathered but did not include in the thesis or body paragraphs. They should try to identify a piece of evidence that pushes their claim to its ultimate extension. Have them begin drafting conclusions in which they cite and analyze that evidence.

To help students  compose their final lines, ask them to consider what their focused, purposeful readings have revealed about the text. Then, ask them what still needs to be said before they leave their analysis of this article?

Have some fun with creating titles for their essays. Encourage students to consider titles that reflect the approach they are taking in their essays. According to your taste, encourage puns, or alliteration, or other forms of clever wordplay. Steer them away from “Midterm” or “Essay Number One” toward titles that invest a little of their personality into their essay.



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