For the Instructor

Chapter 8: Gathering Research and Establishing Evidence

For the Instructor

This would be a perfect time to contact your library to book a session with a librarian. This will give your students an opportunity visit your institution’s library and learn about the research process. To prepare for the library visit, disseminate a library research assignment that helps students develop a research question or thesis statement and then create a research strategy using the library databases that will uncover two scholarly sources. Students should also be asked explain how they plan to use the two scholarly sources and cite them using an appropriate citation convention (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)


For the Librarian

The focus of instruction should be the hands-on activity of finding two scholarly articles. To achieve this, it is recommended that you adopt an online/flipped version of research instruction. Putting together an online resource to teach the basic research skills will give the students an opportunity to experiment with search practices in order to find relevant resources using library databases. They will utilize their critical checklist to identify scholarly sources.
In our practice, we developed this example libguide that serves as an online tutorial to be read before coming to the library. During the library visit, we suggest ten or fifteen minutes to quickly go over the online modules. We used the free online quiz game kahoots to review the material. The rest of the class was spent searching for two articles and both the librarian and instructor were available for consultation and assistance..


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