Chapter 6: One Last Time Before You Go: The Conclusion and Final Review

Supporting Your Claim

After reviewing our thesis in light of the essay that we developed from it, it seems that we have managed to stay pretty well on point. Remember, your thesis is a claim you are making about the text you are analyzing, not an itemized list of everything you are going to write about. So, while paragraphs will deal with aspects of the text not mentioned in your introduction, they should not deal with them in a way not clearly detailed in the introduction.

We notice that in our first, sixth and seventh body paragraphs, and in our conclusion as well, we make much of Justice’s novel presentation of language as a new “communications app.” Obviously, we regard this metaphor as a vital part of the text and a key device used by Justice to deliver his message. We should alert our readers in our thesis of the central role we believe this technique plays in Justice’s essay. We need to make a few minor adjustments to our thesis before we insert it into our essay as the introduction.

Watch Video 6.3 on inserting the conclusion and introduction.


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