Chapter 3: The Full Three Storey Thesis

Thinking Ahead…

Get ready to organize your thoughts on the text
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Good news! Now that you have written a complete three-storey thesis, you can learn about the process of using your thesis to focus a draft of your complete essay. For now, be confident that in building a three-storey thesis you have drafted a roadmap for expanding on and logically connecting each component of your argument. Take the time now to revisit your three-storey thesis and the article you are analyzing to create a point-form, paragraph-by-paragraph outline for your close reading of “The Plot to Privatize Knowledge.” Consider what is necessary to prove your argument. Which piece of evidence should be discussed in the first full body paragraph? Which would come second? Continue this until you have a brief essay skeleton. Remember to bring your notes and draft materials to class for feedback and further revision.


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