Chapter 13: Works Cited

MLA Citation for the Same Article

Author surname, firstname. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages.

Brown, John Seely, & Paul Duguid. “The Social Life of Documents.” First Monday, 1.1 (1996).

Other citation styles

Historians generally use the Chicago Manual of Style or its derivative, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations which is commonly known as Turabian after the manual’s author.  Chicago is the standard style used for book publishing in North America, so books will generally use Chicago, even in the disciplines that use APA or MLA.

Recommended resource:

Citing for anthropologists, biologists, and other specialized disciplines at Simon Fraser University, BC

Why are there so many Different Citation Styles?


At the university level, writing essays means entering an ongoing scholarly conversation. Throughout history scholars have addressed the subjects you are studying in your courses and have articulated similar concerns and ideas as the ones discussed in your classes. Engaging with existing scholarship and citing in your essay makes you part of the conversation. Congratulations!



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