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We hope you will find our textbook useful in your studies/teaching of
introductory concepts of Control Systems. This text is an evolving
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resource. We would greatly appreciate any corrections and suggestions
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If you are an instructor teaching a Controls Course, you may be
pleased to know that there is an extensive, 300+ page solutions manual
available, in a PDF format, with worked-out solutions to examples in
the text, and more. If you wish to receive it, please email us with the
following details: your name, the name of a University/College you are
affiliated with, and the name of the course you teach. Please use your
official institutional email and we will be happy to mail you the PDF copy
of the solutions manual.

Author: Dr. Malgorzata Zywno, Ph.D., PEng, Email:
Editor:   Dr. Frankie Stewart, Ph.D., PEng, Email:


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